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Special 4th of July History of Country Music Retrospective

92.3 The Ranch celebrates playing Real Country for the Hill Country for 20 years and this 4th of July, we celebrate our great nation's birthday and salute neighbors, friends, and fellow Texans. 

 Like our country, America and Country Music are inseparable. They both were founded on God, country, and family. Thursday, July 3rd through Monday, July 7th, 92.3 The Ranch will feature the History of Country Music. The Holiday exclusive includes the biggest country songs, behind the scenes stories about the songs and those who have made the songs legendary hits. Hear from the legends as they laugh at how life can turn on a dime, and reflect on how life does not discriminate.

92.3 The Ranch will start at the beginning of the story and take you through a star-spangled line up of the biggest songs in country music.

The History of Country Music Thursday, July 3rd through Monday morning July 7th on your anniversary station for the Hill Country, 92.3 The Ranch.